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How to Register for the Definitive Driving Test

This service allows applicants to register for a definitive driving license test. The purpose of this test is to test the applicant's ability to drive a motor vehicle. The applicant can choose to take the practical test in only one of these categories; A, B, or F. Applicants with disabilities can choose between A1 or B1 with approval from Rwanda National Police. The service is provided by Rwanda National Police (RNP).

The processing time of this service is 1 day and its price is Rwf 10,000. The billing number expires in 8 hours and the slot is released to other applicants when it is not paid for.

Important: This is a slot-based service whereby there is a limited number of slots available and the first to come is the first to be served. Upon payment for the test registration, the applicant shall be allocated a test slot based on the date of choice and test location.

Note: Passports and certificates of national ID replacements are not eligible identification documents to take the Definitive Driving Tests. 


  • Applicants with or without an account can apply for this service.

  • Click here to find out how to create an account on IremboGov.

  • Applicants should have a Rwandan National ID number and a valid provisional license.

  • Applicants with lost or expired provisional driving licenses are not eligible for this service.

  • Applicants should have a valid phone number, email address, or both.

Follow these simple steps to register for a definitive driving test: 

  1. Visit Irembo and under Police, click on Registration for Driving Test. 

  1. Select “Registration for Driving Test - Definitive” and click on Apply.


  1. Enter your Applicant Details (Identification document number, Provisional License Number) and the Registration details (Select exam date, Desired License Category, Test District, and Test center)

  2. . The applicant information is displayed on the right side of the page. 

  3. Click Next to proceed.  

  1. Verify that the information is true, enter a phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click Submit

  2. A billing Number/ID (88…) will be generated for payment, Click Pay

How to Pay for a Service

1. After submitting the application, the applicant is sent a Bill ID for payment. Applicants choose the mode of payment: offline (MTN, Airtel, or BK) or online (VISA or MasterCard).

  1. For MTN Mobile Money, there are 2 options: 

  • Dial a short code *182*3*7*Bill ID# and follow the instructions on your phone.

  • Pay instantly using the MTN MoMo Push feature by clicking Pay to receive an instant cashout pop-up notification on your phone.  

  1. For Airtel Money, there are 2 options: 

  • Dial *182*4*5*1*Bill ID# and follow the instructions on your phone

  • Pay instantly by using the Airtel Money Push feature by clicking Pay to receive an instant cashout pop-up notification on your phone. 

NOTE: The phone number should have an active MTN MoMo account (for MTN subscribers) or Airtel Money account (for Airtel subscribers) with an amount that corresponds to the service fee. The applicant will be prompted to enter their MoMo PIN.

Follow these instructions;

Once the correct PIN is entered, the service will be successfully paid.

  1. Bank of Kigali (BK), has multiple options available for payment: 

  • You can visit the nearest Bank of Kigali branch or BK agents.  

  • You can also pay using the Bank of Kigali Mobile App and Internet banking.

  1. VISA and Mastercard: This is an online payment channel. You can choose one of these cards, enter details and click Pay


2. Applicant receives a notification that the service was successfully paid and an application number is provided to track the status of the application on the platform.

3. In case of delayed payment, the Bill ID will expire and you will be required to re-apply for a new one.

NOTE: There are no extra charges for all the payments made on IremboGov using the above payment channels. You can pay for this service in Rwandan Francs (Rwf).

NOTE: After applying and successfully paying via IremboGov, the Applicant receives an SMS/Email approving their test date and center for the driving test and they are required to be there as stated.

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