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FAQs about Applying for a Replacement of a Definitive Driving License


What is this service about?

This service allows Rwandan applicants with a foreign driving license or an old driving license to obtain the current Rwandan driving license. 

The applicant visits the Rwanda National Police (RNP) office for the replacement processes (for more information, please contact RNP). After completing those processes, the applicant receives a billing number worth Rwf 50,000 to pay for the new driving license. 

Who is eligible for this service?

Applicants who have a Rwandan national ID and a valid foreign driving license or an old driving license are eligible for this service.

What is the processing time for replacing a definitive driving license?

The processing time is 14 working days.

How much is the service fee for this service?

The service costs Rwf 50,000.

What is the validity of a Rwandan driving license?

The Rwandan driving license is valid for 10 years.

What happens when an applicant has an expired foreign driving license?

An applicant should contact their home country to get their driving license renewed.

Can a person with an Irembo account or an Irembo agent apply for this service?

An applicant or an Irembo agent is not allowed to apply for this service. Only Rwanda National Police officers can apply on behalf of citizens. 

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