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How to apply for a License to operate a new Health Facility

This service is offered to entities that have successfully concluded the inspection process and are receiving a favorable inspection recommendation to commence operations. This marks the pivotal stage for a private health facility to initiate its services. Following a comprehensive evaluation and meeting all regulatory criteria, the entity is now eligible to proceed with applying for a license to operate.  This service is provided by the Ministry of Health. 

The processing time is 30 days, and the service is free of charge.


  • Applicants with or without IremboGov accounts can apply for this service.

  • To create an account, click here

  • A facility must have a license number.

  • A health facility must have successfully concluded the inspection process.

Required attachments (3)

  • Director Attachments

  • Incineration contract

  • Ambulance contract or vehicle yellow card

Follow these simple steps to apply for a license to operate a new health facility.

Step 1: Visit the IremboGov platform at, Under “health category,” select health facility licensing.

Step 2: Under health facility licensing, select “ License to operate a new health facility” and click Apply.

Step 3: Enter Application details( license number) and clinical service director details (Identification document type, email address, years of experience, and Medical license number).

Step 4: Click Add Staff to fill in the details. A tab to fill in the details will be opened.

Step 5: Upload the required attachment in the right format, “Director attachments,” and click Next.

Step 6: Verify that the information is true, enter a phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click Submit

Step 7: An application number will be generated (B2……..) to follow up on the application status.

Once the application has been approved, an applicant receives the notification and can either download the License from the IremboGov platform or receive it via email.

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