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How to Download an E-certificate and Receipt on IremboGov

This article describes a step-by-step guide to how applicants can download their e-certificate and/or receipt on IremboGov. The applicant can download their receipt once their application has successfully been paid for while they can download their e- certificate once they have successfully applied, paid and received approval on their application.


  • Applicants should have their application number or billing number

  • Applicants should have a confirmation notification of approval from the responsible institution.

  • Internet access and a computer or smartphone should be available.  

Follow these simple steps to download the e-certificate: 

  1. Visit Irembo  and click on Find Application

  1. Enter the application number or billing number/ID  in the search space and click on the search button. Your application details will be displayed. 

  1. Click on the Download icon and select “Download certificate” or “ Download receipt” depending on what you want to download.

  1. Choose your preferred language for your e-certificate or Receipt and click download e-certificate/ receipt.

Note: If the service requires selecting the certificate language during the application process, both the certificate and receipt can only be downloaded in the language the applicant has chosen while applying.

Now you are good to go! You have your e-certificate or receipt available and can download it as many times as possible.  

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