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Notary service

Notary service

The service allows applicants to apply and pay for Notary services. Applicants who have different documents that they need to notarize will apply through Irembo portal; after that, their applications will be submitted to their selected Notaries. Applicants will then physically walk into the Notary offices so that they get their documents Notarized.

Who can apply?

  • Citizen
  • Foreigner
  • Company
  • Cooperative
  • Church
  • Profession Association

What is needed to apply?

You will need:

  • ID number for adult citizen
  • Citizen application number for citizens with no ID
  • Passport number and nationality for a foreigner
  • Company TIN and company name for a company
  • Gazette number and name for cooperative/ church/ Profession association
  • Document Type
  • Phone number or email address

What you need to know:

The processing time is 1 working day. MINIJUST provides the service, and the price depends on the documents that you need to notarize.

How do I apply for Notary service?

1.Visit Irembo Platform.

2.Click on Notary services UNDER Notarisation And Gazette Service ,and click on Apply

3.You will choose who you are applying for, whether you are applying for a citizen with ID/ without ID, Foreigner, company, cooperative, church or professional Association and fill in the corresponding details,

  1. Select Agency ( District, sector, RDB, MINIJUST, or RGB), Select Document type, fill in the number of copies you want to be notarized, Select the Approving office location Province/District and the sector.

To Note:

  • Any field with the red asterisk is mandatory
  • Document Type “Authentication of any deeds”  number of copies is limited to 1, if you need more copies you make more than one application.
  • Document Type “Bank document” requires the applicant to select the Bank, fill in Bank Document name, Bank fee, and Bank phone number, all these in addition to the above details.

  1. Verify your information, then put your phone number or email address for notification and click on submit

  1. After you have sent your application, the bill ID will appear as well as the different payment modes and pay.

After you apply: After having successfully paid via IremboGov, Applicants will then physically walk in to the Notary offices so that they get their documents Notarized.

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