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How to apply for VAT Exemption

This service enables local manufacturers, assemblers, and miners to obtain value-added tax exemptions on raw materials, capital goods, and machinery. To apply, applicants must submit a comprehensive list of the raw materials, capital goods, and machinery utilized in their final products. The Ministry of Trade and Industry administers this service.

The processing time is  21 days, and the service is free of charge.


  • Applicants with or without an Irembo account can apply for this service.

  • Click here to find out how to create an account on IremboGov. 

  • A company/ cooperative or an individual  should have a TIN number

Required attachments (2)

  • Business/Cooperative Registration Certificate

  • Product details document

Follow these simple steps to apply for VAT exemption.

  1. Visit IremboGov, and under Trade and Industry, click on VAT Exemption.

  1. Click Apply.

  1. Fill in your applicant's details( Tin number, company name, applicant details, etc)

  1. Upload the required attachments in the right format and click Next. ( It is mandatory to use the template provided in the application form while filling in product details.) 

  1. Verify that the information is true, enter a phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click Submit. 

  2. An application number (B2…...) to track your application status.

Upon a successful submission, the application will be processed by MINICOM and MINECOFIN. The applicants will receive an email or SMS notifying them about any change in the application status.

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