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How to renew a visa?

Renew Visa

This service allows users to renew their visa. The visa application will be received and processed by DGIE officers.

Who can apply?

Only foreigners already in the country can apply for this service.

What is needed to apply?

You will need:

  • Applicant surname an other names
  • Application letter
  • copy of passport biodata page
  • Photo with white background
  • Current travel document details
  • Phone number or email address

What you need to know:

The service allows users to renew their expired visa. The processing time is 7 working days and the price depends on the case.

Application for visa extension shall be submitted online or at Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration offices.

Detailed requirements are set out in the Information for applicants for each class of visa.

List of Visa Classes that can be extended

SUB CLASS V1 (HOLIDAY) and SUB CLASS V2 (FAMILY VISIT) valid for 30days on a single entry and 90 days for multiple entries together.

SUBCLASS V10 (BRIDGING VISA) validity not exceeding 90 days may be extended in exceptional circumstances


SUBCLASS V4 (JOB SEARCH) valid for 90 days,

SUB CLASS V6 (prospective investor, entrepreneur or trader) valid for 90 days

SUBCLASS V7 (medical treatment) valid for 90 days

SUBCLASS V9 (ITINERANT BUSINESS) valid from 2-10 years

SUB CLASS V12 (RECIPROCITY) valid for 10 years are renewable.

Extension of a visa should be applied for while initial visas remain valid.

A grace period of 5 days after a visa has expired is allowed for a person to either depart or renew their visa without a penalty; otherwise, the person will be subjected to a penalty and a visa extension may be denied.

To avoid penalties, the applicant should apply/renew visa in time before expiration of current visa. Penalty fee is FRW 50,000 for a delay of 6 to 15 days. Article 58 of the Ministerial Order establishing procedures and regulations categorizes other penalties from 16 days to 9 months and above.

How do I renew a visa on Irembo?

It is very simple! Here is what you need:

  1. Visit Irembo Platform.

  1. Click on Visa application UNDER Immigration and Emigration

  1. Choose Renew visa and click on Apply

  1. Fill in all demographic details (surname, other names, date of birth, profession, occupation, gender, civil status, father s names, mother s names, country of birth, city of birth, current country, current address, nationality and another nationality if you have one)

Note That  : Any field with the red asterisk is mandatory.

  1. Fill in visa details (select the currency ,select visa type, Residence details, current document type, fill in document number, issued date, expiry date, phone number and email)

  1. Attach the required attachments with the required format and size


To upload all the bellow attachments, you click on the blue button with a


sign on it

, go to the folder where you saved your document click on it and click on open. It will be uploaded

  • Copy of passport Biodata page (Format PDF, SIZE <= 500KB)
  • Photo with white background (Format JPG, SIZE <=200KB)
  • Application letter (Format PDF, SIZE <= 500KB)
  1. Click on next, fill in your phone number/email and submit
  • After submitting the application, you will receive an application number (B200901215051H2PH) for free visas and a billing number (99………..)for payable visas .

After you apply: After having successfully paid via IremboGov, the Applicant waits for a feedback notification from the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration .

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