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How to Apply for International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

The International Standard Book Number (ISBN) Issuance service allows you to obtain an ISBN number for your books or book-like products published in Rwanda. The ISBN is a 13-digit number that uniquely identifies your publication. It is issued by the Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy (RCHA) after you submit the application and meet all requirements. 

The processing time for an ISBN Issuance application is 5 working days. The price depends on the Total number of titles.


  • Applicants with or without an Irembo account can apply for this service.

  • To learn how to create an account, click here

Required Attachments

  • Description of Books or Maps to request for ISBN (download template)

  • Passport copy (if using a passport as identification)

  • RGB Registration Certificate (if applying as an organization)

Optional Attachment

  • Other supporting documents

Follow these steps to apply for the International Standard Book Number (ISBN).

1. Visit the Irembo platform at  and go to the "Publications and Libraries" section. Click on "ISBN Issuance."

2. Click "Apply" to start the application process.

3. Fill in the applicant details, such as your identification document type. If using a passport, provide the passport details. If you are a Rwandan citizen, your personal details will be auto-filled from the National ID database when you enter your ID number.

4. Provide the details of your publishing house, institution, or organization, such as the name, registration number (if applicable), and TIN (for companies).

5. Select your area of operation, including the country, province, phone number, and email address.

6. Enter the total number of titles for which you want to request ISBNs and the reason for requesting them (e.g., book publication, international book identification, copyright).

7. Download the required template for describing your books or maps, fill it out, and upload it along with any other required attachments, such as a passport copy or RGB registration certificate, depending on your applicant category.

9. Check the box to accept that you will submit two hard copies of each book or map to RCHA within three weeks after publication of the ISBN, then click Next.

10. Review the summary page, enter your email address, and click "Submit."

11. You will receive an application number (e.g., B2......) to track the status of your application.

Total number of titles

Once the processing officers receive it, you will receive a billing number. Once it is successfully paid and your application is approved, you will receive your ISBN in an email notification.

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