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FAQs about Requesting for Laboratory and Field Tests

The Public Works Laboratory & Field Test Service allows you to request and pay for various laboratory and field tests conducted by the Rwanda Transport Development Agency (RTDA). This service is designed for individuals, private companies, and government institutions seeking to test materials used in infrastructure projects.

The following are frequently asked questions about Requesting for Laboratory and Field Tests

1. Who can apply for this service?
Individuals, private companies, and government institutions can apply for this service.

2. What is the service fee?

The price is calculated based on the sample categories, specific parameters or tests, and the quantity you select.

3. How long does it take to process the application?

The processing time is 1 day.

4. Do I need an IremboGov account to apply for this service?

The applicant can apply with or without an IremboGov account.

5. How can I create an IremboGov account?

Learn how to create an account by clicking here.

6. What is the validity of the billing number?

The billing number's validity is 72 hours.

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