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Frequently Asked Questions about Visiting Inyambo

Rwanda Cultural Heritage Academy(RCHA) provides This payment service for photo shoot activities at the museum premises.

The following are the frequently asked questions about Visiting Inyambo;

  1. Can I apply for a photoshoot service within my IremboGov account?

No, this service is only available outside of your IremboGov account. Please access the service via the Rwanda Museum section on

  1. What are the prerequisites for applying for the Photoshoot at the Museum Premises service?

Rwandan citizens should have a national ID number, while foreigners should possess a passport number. Additionally, applicants must provide a valid phone number and/or email address.

  1. How long does it take to process the application for a photoshoot at the museum premises?

The processing time for this service is one day.

  1. Is the price fixed for the photoshoot service, or does it vary?

The price for the photoshoot service depends on the specific case or requirements. The exact cost will be determined based on individual circumstances.

  1. After submitting the application, how do I proceed with payment?

Upon submitting your application, a billing number/ID will be generated for payment. You can pay using any of the services provided on the IremboGov platform.

  1. Are there any restrictions or guidelines for photoshoots at the museum premises?

Depending on the museum's policies and regulations, specific guidelines and restrictions might apply.

  1. Can I modify the details of my application after submission?

Unfortunately, once the application is submitted, modifications might not be possible. Please ensure all information provided is accurate before submitting your application.

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