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Frequently Asked Questions about Community Based Health Insurance (Mutuelle)

CBHI (Mutuelle) is among the services provided by the Rwanda Biomedical Center. These are the most frequently asked questions about mutuelle:


How do I check my Ubudehe status and know the family members registered with me, as the head of the household?

You apply for Mutuelle on the IremboGov platform, then enter the ID number of the head of the household to check the information. At that point, the information appears on the “Summary” page after clicking “Next.” If you are just checking, you don’t have to pay.

How do I know the head of my household on IremboGov?

You check with the Local Administrative Entities Development Agency (LODA) officer of the cell you live in to know the head of your household.  

How do I change the ID number of the head of the household? 

You check with the LODA officer of the cell you live in to help you change the ID number of the head of the household. 

I have paid for my Mutuelle, but the RSSB claims that they cannot see my payment. What should I do? 

You contact the Irembo support team to push the payment. Support channels are Email:, Twitter: @IremboGov, Facebook: @IremboGov, and Phone: 9099 or contact RSSB at 4044. 

I did not pay for the previous fiscal year, and now I want to pay for the current year. What should I do? 

You should pay the previous year first via IremboGov, and then pay for the current year. 

How long do I have to wait to go for treatment after I pay for my mutuelle? 

After payment, the head of the household and the family members are eligible for treatment for the year they paid for. 

What should I do if I’m trying to pay for mutuelle but I have an expired billing ID?

You should contact the Irembo support team to cancel the expired bill ID so that you can re-apply and get a new bill ID for payment. 

How do I know how much I have to pay for mutuelle?

The mutuelle cost depends on your Ubudehe status and the number of family members. 

When does a fiscal year start and end? 

The fiscal year of paying for mutuelle starts in July of the previous year and ends in June of the current year. 

Some of my family members have other insurance, how do I pay for mutuelle for the rest without including them? 

You visit the LODA officer of the cell you live in, with copies of the members’ insurance, to update the status in their system. After it is updated, you are able to pay for those without other insurance.

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