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How to track an Application or Payment Status

After applying/paying for a service, an applicant may want to check the payment status or application status.

Follow these simple steps to check the Application/Payment Status :

  • Enter the application number or billing number/ID  in the search space and click the search button. Your application details will be displayed. 

  • When the application has approved status and the service is an E-certificate you can download it. 

Click on the print icon “Print Certificate.” 

  • When the application has submitted status; it could mean one of the following;

  • For services provided by the Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration (DGIE), applications are being processed by the institution or have already been approved. In the case that an application has been approved, DGIE will send a notification to the applicant.

  • For other services, this status means that the application has not yet been processed by the institution that provides it.

  • When the billing number has payment pending status it means that it is not yet paid for.

  • When the billing number has payment expired status it means that the billing number is expired and you have to re-apply.

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