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How to Apply for Slaughterhouse Premise Registration.

This service allows businesses operating slaughterhouses to register them and comply with Rwanda Inspectorate, Competition and Consumer Protection Authority (RICA) regulations. This registration certificate is then used to obtain an operating license.

The processing time is 14 days, and the service is free of charge.


  • Applicants with or without an Irembo account can apply for this service.

  • A company or an individual must have a Tax Identification Number (TIN).

Required attachments 8

  • Business registration certificate from RDB

  • Design and layout diagram of constructed premises

  • RICA construction authorization

  • District office authorization of the site

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate

  • Copy of Land ownership document or Copy of lease agreement with the land owner

  • Passport copy

  • copy of your latest Registration certificate

Follow these simple steps to apply for Slaughterhouse Premise Registration:

1. Visit the Irembo platform at and navigate to the "Trade and Industry" category, Click on “premise registration.

2. Select "Slaughterhouse Premise Registration" and click  "Apply."

3. Fill in the applicant's details (select if the applicant is the business owner or legal representative, add the age group and other required personal information).

4. Upload the required attachments in the correct format, then click Next


  • Double-check that the uploaded files are in PDF format and meet the size requirements.

  • The attachments might change depending on the application type.

5. Verify that the information is accurate, enter a phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click "Submit."

6. An application number (B2…...) to track your application status.


  • Upon successful submission, the application will be processed by RICA. Applicants will receive an email or SMS notification about any changes in the application status.

  • Once the processing officers approve your application, you will receive your e-certificate via email or can download it on IremboGov platform.

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