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How We Support Rwandans Living Abroad (Diaspora)

This article aims to explain how the diaspora can report queries/complaints, and request Irembo support via to apply for different services on their behalf.

All Rwandans living abroad who fulfill the necessary requirements as provided for by the Rwandan law on nationality are eligible to apply for all services on IremboGov.

Below is the list of services Rwandans living abroad can apply on their own without logging into an IremboGov account, and the services that they will need to log in to an account

Services that require an IremboGov account.





Ministry of local government (MINALOC)

Family services


National Identification Agency (NIDA)

National ID Services


National land authorities (NLA)

Land services


Rwanda Government board (RGB)

Non-Government Organization (NGO) and Faith-Based Organizations (FBO) Services


National Prosecution Public Authority (NPPA)

Criminal record certificate

Services that don’t require an IremboGov account.





Rwanda National Police (RNP)

Traffic Police services


Directorate General of Immigration and Emigration(DGIE)

Immigration And Emigration Services


Ministry of Justice (MINJUST)

Notarisation And Gazette Services


Ministry of Health

Rwanda biometric center services and Community Based Health Insurance Services


Ministry of Education

TVET, REB, and HEC Services


Institute of National Museums of Rwanda (INMR)

Museums Services

The key requirements while applying for the E-government services via IremboGov: 

  • Adults should have a  national ID number

  • Minors should have a child application number or National identity number (Acquired from the sector of residence/birth or from the National Identification Agency)

  • Supporting documents where required

  • Applicants should have an email address that will receive the application notifications.

We understand most Rwandans living abroad don’t have an IremboGov account and are not able to create it because of not owning a local phone number linked to the national ID. 

Below are the Support process flow, Payment modes, Post-payment process, Application/Payment status, and the escalation Prerequisites.

  1. Support process flow.

The response time to your email is 1 working day. 

  1. Payment modes.

After submitting the application, the applicant is sent a Bill ID for payment. Applicants choose the mode of payment: offline (MTN, Airtel, or BK) or online (Visa or MasterCard). For more information about payment modes, click here.

  1. Post-payment process.

After paying successfully via IremboGov, the applicant receives a feedback notification from the institution informing them when the service will be available. For e-certificate services, you receive the certificate in your email and for services that require you to present the physical documents, the applicant should visit the nearest embassy.

  1. How to track the application or Payment Status?

After paying for the service, you want to check the payment status or application status without logging into the IremboGov account.

Follow these simple steps to check the Application/Payment Status :

  • Enter the application number or billing number/ID  in the search space and click the search button. Your application details will be displayed. 

  • When the application has approved status and the service is an E-certificate you can download it. 

Click on the print icon “Print Certificate.” 

  • When the application has submitted status it means that the application is not yet approved by the institution.

  • When the billing number has payment pending status it means that it is not yet paid for.

  • When the billing number has payment expired status it means that the billing number is expired and you have to re-apply.

  1. Escalation Prerequisites.

  • For payment issues, send us the billing number and proof of payment

  • For delayed applications, send us the application number/Billing number

  • For failing to download the certificate, send us the application number/Billing number.

  • For applications not found in the institution system, send us the application number/Billing number.

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