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How to apply for Laissez-passer

Please follow these simple steps to apply for your laissez-passer on  IremboGov:

1.Type in your browser.

2. Scroll down on the home page, to the “Immigration and Emigration” tab, choose Laissez-passer.

3. A small window will appear, click on the drop down to choose “ Application Laissez-passer” as request type.

4. You will choose whether you are applying for a minor or an adult.

If you are a Rwandan below 16 years of age, you will use your application number

If you choose the option of minor, you will be required to specify the type of minor:

  • Minor living with guardians( Orphans),

  • Living with both parents(legally married)

  • Living with a divorced parent,

  • Living with a single parent(case of death),

  • Minor living with single parent(father)

  • Minor living with a single parent (mother).

5. The price for laissez-passer differs depending on the nature of the applicant.

Above 16 years: 10000Rwf;

below 16 years: 5000Rwf.

NB: After Entering your ID number or application number, remember to hit the search button and retrieve your Information.

5.  After filling out the form, you will attach your documents, then click next.

6. “Next” will take you to a summary page.

7. Verify your information, then put your phone number or email address for notification.

8. Send your application.

9. After you have sent your application, the bill ID will appear as well as the different payment modes.

How to attach documents for Laissez-passer

Attachments are an important part of your application. Here is the right way to attach your documents:

1.The attachments field appears at the bottom of the application page:

2.Click on the plus button to attach each file

3. Accepted file type (PDF, JPG or JPeg)

             Copy of national ID: must be 500kb or less.

             Passport photo: must be 200kb or less

             Signature: must be 200kb or less.