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How an Irembo agent resubmits an application

This article offers Irembo Agents guidance on how to assist applicants in resubmitting an application with a Request for Action.

Note: Resubmission can NOT be done outside of an Irembo account (Agent or Citizen accounts). 

Follow these quick steps to resubmit the application.

Step 1: Visit and Login into your Agent account

Note: When you click on “log in” you will be agreeing to new terms of use, which include the privacy policy of IremboGov.

Step 2:  Search the application using the available options.

Step 3: The application details will be displayed below then click on the “Resume application” icon.

Note: The "Request for Action" message is highlighted in red for emphasis. It's essential to thoroughly review the requested action within the application to identify precisely what needs to be edited.

Step 4: Fill in the requested information and modified details and click next to proceed.

Step 5: Verify the information is accurate, fill in the applicant’s phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click Submit

Once the application is submitted, a new message will appear that confirms that the application has been updated.

REMINDERAlways remind applicants to verify if they have received a notification message of resubmission.

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