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Frequently Asked Questions about Account management

The following are some of the commonly asked questions about logging in, switching accounts, and resetting passwords for an IremboGov account as an officer;

  1. I forgot my password,  what can I do? 

You can reset your password any time, Click here to learn.

  1. What are the necessary conditions for resetting your password?

  • An already existing account

  • An active Rwandan phone number that was used in the account creation.

  1.  How can I verify whether my phone number is registered to my national ID?

To check if your phone number corresponds to your National ID, Dial *125# and follow the instructions.


  1. I’m in my citizen’s account, do I need to log out in order to access the officer’s account?

No, you don’t need to log out. Click here to find out how you can switch your account from citizen to officer’s account.

  1. What are the essential elements that a valid password must contain?

Your password must not be less than 8 characters and must include a number, an uppercase letter, a lowercase letter, and a special character. 

  1. I lost my phone number registered on my IremboGov account. Can I still reset my password?

No, the OTP is sent to the phone number registered on the account. You may be obliged to create a new account. 

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