This service enables Rwandans and Refugees to apply and pay for the correction of their National Identity Cards. The citizen will receive an appointment requesting them to visit the selected sector and show supporting documents to justify their reason for the request. The corrected ID will be picked at the selected place of collection for Rwandans. The service is provided by the National Identification Agency (NIDA). 

Note: For refugees, after the payment, they should reach out to the Migration officer or refugee camp or MINEMA to provide supporting documents. 

The processing time of this service is 30 days and its price is Rwf 1,500. 


  • No Irembo account is required to apply for this service.

  • Applicants should have a Rwandan National ID number

  • Applicants should have a legitimate reason (date of birth, gender, names, and photo) for requesting this service.

Follow these simple steps to apply for a national ID correction: 

  1. Visit IremboGov and under Identification, click on 

Application of National ID Correction. 

2. Click on Apply.

3. Enter the required Applicant’s details (ID number, reason for ID correction, place of collection, and processing office). 

NOTE: It’s advisable to choose the same processing office as the place of collection to easily collect it. 

4. Click Next to proceed. 

5. Verify that the information is true, enter a phone number and/or email address, check the verification box, and click Submit

6. A billing number/ID (99….) will be generated for paying. Applicants can pay using MTN Mobile Money or Airtel Money, BK App, BK Branches, BK Agents, or pay online using Visa Card or MasterCard. 

NOTE: After applying and successfully paying via IremboGov, the applicant receives a feedback notification from the selected processing sector informing them when to take supporting documents. After, the application is sent to NIDA for processing.