Subscribe for the Official Gazette

This service enables applicants to subscribe to the official gazette. Applicants will apply and pay for the subscription then gazettes will be delivered to the applicants’ respective addresses. The subscription is an annual delivery of official gazettes.

Who can apply?

Both Rwandans and foreigners apply for this service.

What is needed to apply?

You will need:

  • ID number for Rwandans
  • Passport number, surname and others names for foreigners
  • Phone number or email address

What you need to know:

They are published from January 1st to December 31st. The Processing Time is 1 Day, Price: Depends on the document.

How do I apply for the Subscription for the Official Gazette?

1.Visit Irembo Platform.

  1. Click on subscribe for the Official Gazette UNDER Notarization And Gazette Service ,and click on Apply

  1. You will choose who you are applying for, whether you are applying for a citizen with ID or a foreigner.

4.  Select the ID number for a citizen, passport number /surname and other names for a foreigner, the subscription year, delivery Mode ( Delivery to MINIJUST/ Delivery to me), and fill in the number of copies.

Note that:  Any field with the red asterisk is mandatory.

  1. Verify your information, then put your phone number or email address for notification and click on submit

  1. After you have sent your application, the bill ID will appear as well as the different payment modes and pay.

After you apply: After having successfully paid via IremboGov,  then gazettes will be delivered to the applicants’ respective addresses

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